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Dear Real Estate Agent:

I understand that you may be a brand-new real estate agent or you’ve been in the industry for a couple of years but find yourself lacking the kind of consistency, income, and support you desire. For some people, this can be painful. A lack of sufficient training, support, and business leads to many agents leaving the industry altogether. Studies show that 87% of real estate agents leave the industry within the first two years of getting their license.

Agents like this run out of money, don’t have enough leads, get distracted by shiny objects, and fall flat in their careers due to a lack of support and insufficient knowledge/training. Many agents find initial success by extracting leads from people in their life who they already know. Some might start to buy leads. However, eventually, all agents in this situation will run out of friends and family.
The next thing they know, they will have exhausted their database and income without a clue about where to go next.This leads to a lot of uncertainty and stress. People have no idea whether they will see another paycheck after their next contract. The truth is, some agents just aren’t prepared for the industry.

On my team, we ensure that our agents are given the tools, systems, training, and support they need to be successful and reach their goals. We hold our agents accountable.

I’m Blake Cory, and I started in the industry at 19 years old. This is pretty much all I’ve done in my adult life. Success leaves clues, and I studied the clues left behind by some of the country’s top agents to get where I am today. I picked their brains and developed my team and my systems based on their advice.

Now, my team sells over 500 homes per year, is one of the top 10 teams in California according to RealTrends and the Wall Street Journal, and it has grown by over 100% in each of the past three years. I spent the better part of five years working for one of the top coaching firms in the country. I’ve helped agents come into the business with no experience and make millions of dollars in commission in just a few short years.

No other team in the area can provide for their agents at the level we do. We offer:

- Leads and appointments from the best lead generation sources in the industry
- A full support staff including ISAs, transaction coordinators, and more
- Coaching and mentorship from a top agent on our team
- We give our agents every opportunity to learn, grow, take on leads, and, ultimately, close transactions consistently. The Cory Home Team helps agents go from inexperienced to making consistent mid-six figure income year over year.

Most companies focus on teaching you how to generate leads. We focus on giving you those leads and appointments so there is no cold calling, door knocking, or open houses. All you have to do is go out there and sell. Once your client is under contract, our full support team comes in to take over the transaction and lead it to a successful closing. That just isn’t something that’s offered at other companies.

You could continue at your current pace—making inconsistent income, paying for your own marketing and advertising expenses, and having little freedom in your life and career. You could go to another team or brokerage that won’t offer you much in terms of support, training, and freedom. Or, you could take the first step on the road to success and join my team.

When you join our team, the onboarding process starts right away. It includes:

- Meeting with our agent success coach who will take you through the onboarding checklist
- Our lead agent will go over your training schedule
- Receiving leads and appointments within 48 hours of joining us
- I’m offering you the chance to create consistent, predictable income year over year without having to have the skin in the game that it takes to run your own team. You’ll focus on serving clients, training, and having more money.

Don’t just take my word for it. Consider the stories of Melissa Perla, Richard Luizzi, and Capri Cherry:

Melissa was working in loss mitigation at Pep Boys and came to us with no sales or real estate experience. She got her license, joined our team, and created a million dollars in commissions in just two years!

Richard had been in real estate for 15 years and always doing just enough to get by. After joining our team and buying into the process, Richard started to see massive success in just the first year. Last quarter, Richard sold 20 houses in 90 days. That’s three to four times the sales an average agent does in a full year.

If you join our team, you’ll be handed daily leads and appointments, coached and mentored by some of the best agents in the company, and you’ll learn what it takes to be the best real estate salesperson possible. I guarantee that if you join us and don’t make at least $100,000 in your first 13 months, I’ll pay the difference myself. I’m that confident in our systems and training.

Don’t delay starting your future and miss the opportunities that this market brings.

Join our team and start building your future by reaching out to us today. I look forward to talking with you soon,

Blake Cory
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